The New Sussex Hotel & Restaurant Main Menu

 Autumn Main Menu

   All our food is cooked fresh, please tell a member of our team if you have any allergies or time constraints when ordering.


While you wait

Award Winning Pump St. Bakery Bread, Home-baked Olive and Focaccia bread,

Marinated Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Dip  (V)                £ 3.95


Homemade Soup of the Day, Served with Pump St. Bakery Bread  (V)       £ 4.95

The Best Sussex Smokie, Smoked Haddock Creamy Cheddar Sauce

And Crunchy Parmesan Crust, Toasted Bread                               £ 5.95

(Main Sized Portion available, with Seasonal Vegetables and Salad)           £ 9.95

Thai Crab Cakes, Asian Salad and Sweet Chilli Dip                          £ 5.95

Wild Mushrooms in Creamy Sauce on Pump Street Crostini, Rocket Salad (V) £ 4.95


Traditional Harvey’s Beer Battered Cod, Chips, Peas, Salad & Tartare Sauce    £11.95

Cumberland Sausages, Mash Potato, Fried Onion Gravy & Seasonal Veg.      £11.95

9oz  Sirloin Steak with Chips, Baked Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, Pea shoots    £16.95

Choice of Sauce (Peppercorn, Stilton or Diane)                             £ 2.50

Tagliatelle in a Cream White Wine Sauce with Garlic and Wild Mushrooms     £10.95

or Tomato, Basil, Olives and Artichokes  (V)

add your choice of chicken              £12.95        Or Sirloin Steak     £14.95

Spicy Sesame Crusted Salmon Fillet, Stir Fry Seasonal

Vegetables & Shiitake Mushrooms in Soya Sauce and Basmati Rice           £12.95

Chicken Cordon Bleu with ham and Brie, Cauliflower Puree and

Green Beans wrapped in Bacon                                          £13.95

Homemade Pie with Creamy Mashed Potato, Seasonal Vegetables

Homemade gravy (ask your waiting staff for today’s filling)                  £11.95

Grilled Pork Chop, with Creamy Mashed potato, Savoy Cabbage, Juniper Jus   £13.95

Tuna & Anchovy Salad, Gem Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion           £10.95

Black & Green Olives, French Dressing, (Optional Crispy Bacon  £1.00)

Stroganoff, Wild Mushrooms, Onions, Double Cream, Sour Cream, Worcestershire

sauce, Paprika, Courvoisier Brandy, Served with Basmati Rice (V)             £10.95

Add Sirloin Steak                                                      £14.95

Our Exceedingly Good Burgers Served with Chips Salad, Coleslaw, Gherkin & Tomato

Homemade 100 % Beef Burger with Sourdough Bun                        £10.95

Homemade Chicken & Chorizo Burger with Sourdough Bun                  £11.95

5oz Steak Burger with Fried Onions                                      £11.95

Most Excellent Vegetarian/Vegan Burger Chickpeas, Sweetcorn

Coriander in a Wholemeal Gluten Free Bun (V)                             £9.95

Add Toppings: Cheddar Cheese, Stilton, Egg, Brie, Mushrooms, Beef Chilli,

Halloumi, Goats Cheese, Roasted Vegetables, Jalapenos                     £1.00


Chips                                                                 £3.95
Cheesy Chips                                                           £4.95

Homemade onion rings                                                  £5.95

Homemade purple coleslaw                                              £3.95

Seasonal vegetables                                                     £4.95

Mixed house salad                                                      £4.00

Garlic Bread                                                            £4.50

Cheesy Garlic Bread                                                     £5.50

Nachos with cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole & sour cream V               £6.95

Add Beef Chilli (£1)